• A Tribute to our Kevin. R.I.P

    We are sad to announce the sudden death of Kevin one of our dear clients R.I.P. He was a huge character and considered Cornerstone to be like his second home. He lived quite a distance away but hail, rain or snow he would travel by train and bus to get to the centre. Kevin always worried about Christmas day, no public transport meant he couldn't get to the centre and he never wanted to spend the day on his own. Staff always made sure Kevin had his Christmas day and dinner with his Cornerstone family by arranging a volunteer to pick him up and drop him home again. This made the Christmas for him.

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  • Masaya returns to Japan

    Masaya has spent the last 12 months studying for his masters degree in education at Manchester University. In February he started to work as a volunteer in Cornerstone. He was pleasant, always willing to undertake any task, patient and understanding towards the needs of our clients. Masaya was impressed by the happy atmosphere and the various services offered at Cornerstone. He told us that they only have food banks in Japan, there are no centres that help and care for the poor and vulnerable. Masaya has his own business which is a school teaching English in Japan. After spending some months with us and seeing how the centre operates, his dream for the future in Japan is to open his own Cornerstone Day Centre.

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  • "Cork Penny Dinners"

    Two ladies from Cork in Ireland payed us a visit today. Caitiona Twomey and Mary Condon run the "Cork Penny Dinners" a centre very similar to Cornerstone. The organization was started in the 1800's and generations of Caitiona's family have been involved down through the years. It's run mainly by volunteers and opens daily from 6am until 4pm. They manage to feed up to 1,800 people a week which includes families, eldery, poor, and homeless. They get no government funding but get tremendous support from schools, colleges, local people and businesses. They were impressed by what they witnessed at Cornerstone and soon found we offered a very similar service. Caitiona is a member of the High Hope Choir, this choir is made up of people that were once homeless and down in their luck.

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  • Thank you Heineken Brewery

    On Friday we had a visit from Andrew of Heineken Brewery and camera man Ryan. They spent the afternoon at Cornerstone filming and interviewing staff and clients. Heineken have generously donated a sum of money to Cornerstone so Andrew and Ryan have made a video to take back to the brewery to show the work that takes place at the centre. Thank you to everyone at Heineken for your kindness, your donation will be of great assistance in helping us to continue reaching out helping the poor and needy.

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  • Our Green fingered clients

    Last year we were lucky enough to acquire two overgrown allotments. Some of our clients spent many hours working hard, digging, planting, weeding and in the end to their delight produced some fine potatoes, vegetables and fruit for Cornerstone. This year they have worked equally as hard and have spent many days sowing and planting their new crops. Once again they have done the centre proud and their plots are said to be admired by many of the other allotment owners. In fact one lady was so impressed by their efforts she has asked them for their help with her own allotment. Well done lads! You are to be commended for your commitment and hard labour and later on we look forward to sampling your new crop.

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Cornerstone is a day centre providing services to adults facing a wide range of social issues including homelessness, poverty, social isolation, poor mental health, drug and alcohol addiction. We operate an open door policy and welcome people from all backgrounds with our aim being to offer support to our clients, improve their prospects and enhance their quality of life.


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